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Businesses and organisations that are currently in residence at the Wyche Innovation Centre are listed below in alphabetical order. These companies may be headquartered here, have their registered office at the Centre, or simply use the location as an ancillary office. Some are in office units, some enjoy the use of a fixed desk or hot desk, whilst others use the virtual office and meeting room services that we offer.



Above the Line Ltd

Above the Line Ltd provides management consultancy activities other than financial management.

Alfred Business Consultancy Ltd deals in plasterboard & recycling services & solutions.

AnnoVista Ltd provide specialist coaching and training; helping organisations, teams and individuals maximise their potential. They create high impact business packages that generate sustainable change.

Awarding and Consultancy International

Awarding and Consultancy International

Beacon Transport Planning is a professional transport and highways consultancy offering planning support and advice, with a focus on development planning primarily in support of developers, other private clients and allied professionals, from conception to consent and beyond.


Better Supply Chain Limited

Better Supply Chain Limited is a Supply Chain Design company. It supports companies with large and complex supply chains by helping them design the best infrastructure configuration and business policies to supply their markets, using specialist computer modelling techniques including optimisation and simulation.

BlockMark Technologies Ltd is a high technology start-up that provides brand management, certification and ticketing on the blockchain for enhanced cyber security, trust & convenience. The company also offers an innovative executive and leadership training programme using the blockchain.


Boutique Recording provides on location sound recording and audio post production services. Recording speech & music for creative and commercial applications: Podcast, panel/roundtable, interview, live event. UK/Europe wide.


Calibre Publishing

Calibre Publishing provides services to write, edit, conceptualize and negotiate editorial projects for diverse purposes and organizations, consulting with clients on their current and future needs.

Carriber Solutions

Carriber Solutions is a provider of on-site health & safety advice, planning, and management for events both around the UK and overseas, including the Farnborough International Airshow.

Cool Sheepskin Ltd is a company which sells high-quality sheepskin products to various customers around the world.

Davidson-Watts Ecology Ltd is a company which provides high quality ecological expertise and a range of ecological services for small and large projects.Their key staff have gained experience from the commercial, corporate, and regulatory perspectives which provides for an effective, solution driven and value for money approach to help your project meet its objectives.


Evolved Foods Ltd

Evolved Foods Ltd deals in the wholesale of fruits and vegetables.

IASME Consortium is an information Assurance for small medium enterprises provides and assurance scheme and certification for businesses to help ensure data, information and IT systems are safe and secure.

Igence Radar provides software modelling and analysis of radar detection and operation for military and commercial applications. Their capability includes developing and exploiting advanced image analysis and signal processing techniques.

Inclusive AT is an assistive technology solutions provider that brings together hardware, software and training to help learners and staff with a physical disability, sensory impairment or learning difficulty achieve in education.

Innovasec is a specialist consultancy supporting the development of innovative cyber and physical security technology that meets the needs of users. Their experience comes from large and small businesses and from working with clients across Europe and the US.

Innovate Malvern is the social enterprise that delivers the annual Malvern Festival of Innovation and promotes and manages other initiatives in and around Malvern related to creativity and innovation in science, technology, enterprise and society.


Intech Clean Energy UK are experts in solar power systems and other clean energy products, providing development and implementation services.

Jamboree Preservers was initially started as a project that enabled adults with learning disabilities to produce and sell quality preserves, now Team Jamboree are a co-operative that operates Cafe H2O at the Centre and as part of the Malvern Hills GeoCentre.

Key IQ is a business and technology catalyst that helps entrepreneurs and small companies grow and succeed. In particular they offer a facilitated strategic roadmapping service and help to craft business plans and growth strategies.


Lincoln Skye Properties Ltd

Lincoln Skye Properties Ltd deals with other letting and operating of own or leased real estate.

Malvern Insight

Malvern Insight is a partnership of market research and consumer behaviour experts, with over twenty years' experience in the field.

MPR Handyman Services

MPR Handyman Services provides general handyman services for home and garden needs including interior and exterior painting, gardening, guttering, telephone extensions, fencing and other property maintenance tasks.

N.A.D Accountancy Ltd

N.A.D Accountancy Ltd deals with other service activities not elsewhere classified.

Oracle Environmental Experts is a provider of environmental expert witness and technical services to a range of clients with their core strength in the assessment of environmental impacts, risks and liabilities associated with pollution incidents and historically contaminated land.

Quantum R&D Tax Ltd is a Worcestershire based ?research and development tax practice ??helping small business owners file successful R&D Tax Credits claims with HMRC.


Quest Utilities is an independent utilities broker that specialises in sourcing low-cost electricity, gas and water to local businesses.

Red Curve Limited

Red Curve Limited is an innovation collective, focused on creating step-change innovation. They work in collaboration with the client on front-end innovation projects, and are able to provide interactive learning, development programmes, innovation training, and project-based workshops.


Site Solutions (FM) Ltd is a company which aims to take some of the stress out of organising plant and waste disposal for site managers across the UK. Customers contact them with their requirements anywhere in the UK. They organise things for them, with customers receiving a single invoice with their transactions clearly listed.

Spa Telecoms provides a variety of telecommunications and internet services to businesses, including low cost line rental, data back-up systems, web hosting and high speed broadband.

The British Society of Dowsers is a registered charity (charity number 295911) founded in 1933 to promote dowsing in the United Kingdom and beyond. They currently offer a wide range of courses and training, and host a wide variety of meetings and activities centred on this ancient art, together with their annual conference held in September.

Thoughtbubble offers a range of services such as consultancy, design, development, hosting, marketing and management. They specialise in complete services for award shows: from entry systems, through media handling, to online and on site WiFi judging.


UK Cyber Security Forum is the social enterprise that connects the UK's cyber security SMEs to foster collaboration, provide new business opportunities and link the community to primes and overseas players in the sector.


Vollmer Engineering is a technical expert in low-carbon solutions for buildings, with extensive knowledge about both implementing renewable energy and adapting conventional systems for improved efficiency.

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