Virtual Office, Shared Office & Hot-desks

For businesses who have not yet reached the size where they require a permanent office, we offer virtual office, co-working hot-desks and shared office (fixed-desk) solutions. These options are also ideal for people working from home in Herefordshire or Worcestershire, perhaps remotely for a business headquartered elsewhere. The facilities are also great for Digital Nomads; drop in to get some work done if you are exploring the region. The packages include free on-site parking, access to a kitchen area to make tea and coffee, free Wi-Fi, and access to a printer/scanner (print-outs charged separately). We can also help you set up a voice-over internet (VOIP) phone if you don't already have one.




Virtual office

For local businesses that simply need a postal (mailbox) address*, registered company address*, and occasional access to a boardroom or seminar / training room / hot-desk we offer low cost options and a pay-as-you-go package. If you already occupy an office or Platinum hot desk within the centre, subject to due diligence you may use the registered company address* / postal address (mailbox)* service for further companies that you are a director or partner of at half-price (see Copper rates in the table below).


Hot desks / fixed desks in Shared Office

Various membership levels give you the option to a certain number of days-per-week usage (in half-day periods) of a desk in a shared office environment. This facility includes free use of the boardroom during your sessions, subject to availability and fair use. Some levels of membership also include a registered office address and a postal business address. The Platinum Level gives you a designated 'fixed desk' where you can leave your work out at the end of the day, and lock away your belongings in the associated cupboard / pedestal as you see fit.  


Membership rates


 Hot-desk usage

 Reg. office &

 mailbox address* 


(ex VAT) 


ad hoc No See below


up to 1 day per month Yes £30 pcm


up to 1 day per week No £30 pcm


up to 2 days per week Yes £50 pcm


up to 4 days per week Yes £100 pcm


up to 7 (fixed desk)

Yes £150 pcm


*Our registered address / mailbox service is now only available to business owners who are resident in Malvern and the surrounding area. Key IQ Ltd, the operator of the virtual office / mailbox service at the Wyche Innovation Centre, is registered for Money Laundering Regulations (MLR) with HM Revenue & Customs. Our MLR registration number is 12930139. We are required to undertake Customer Due Diligence, and where appropriate Enhanced Customer Due Diligence, for all businesses and individuals proposing to use our mailbox services.


Pay as you go rates

The following rates apply if you use the Centre on the PAYG Access basis. They also apply to the other Membership levels and Office users beyond the inclusive entitlement.



 (ex VAT) 


 £10 per half-day session 


£15 /hr

 Seminar / Training room** 

£30 /hr


**More details about the meeting room facilities area here.

For further information or to schedule a visit please contact us. Please note that currently VAT is not chargeable.


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